Jenoptik-Hommel-Etamic metrology

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Hommel-Etamic a leading manufacturer and system provider of high-precision, tactile and non-tactile production metrology. The range of products provided include total solutions for a wide range of measurement tasks such as testing surfaces, form, and determining dimensional tolerances – throughout all phases of the production process, for final inspection or in a metrology lab. Please… Continue reading


Phantom tools

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Machining in the best possible way? It only works with reliable tools of excellence. With Phantom you are assured of high precision and long life. Even in high-quality materials you are machining with Phantom optimally and with high accuracy. In the extended program is the most suitable product easy to be found.. Please fill in… Continue reading


Sandvik tools

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The Sandvik Coromant insert program contains a wide assortment of designs and grades for all types of turning operations in different workpiece materials. We also have unique cutters for milling of various materials and use in mixed production. Regardless of hole style – we provide a wide range of high performance drilling products for high… Continue reading


C-4033SA Band sawing machine

[eng:]DoALL Band Sawing Machine C-4033SA[:]

Max round 330 mm Max rectangle 400×330 mm


C-5650SA Band sawing machine

[eng:]DoALL Band Sawing Machine C-5650SA[:]

Max round 500 mm Max rectangular 560×500 mm


C-8056SA Band sawing machine

[eng:]DoALL Band Sawing Machine C-8056SA[:]

Max round 560 mm Max rectangular 800×560 mm


C-1080SA Band sawing machine

[eng:]DoALL Band Sawing Machine C-1080SA[:]

Max round 800 mm Max rectangular 1.000×800 mm