S-220HD General Purpose sawing machine

Round 220 mm Rectangular 230 x 185 mm 45°R / 60ºR 


S-185HD General purpose sawing machine

[eng;]DoALL General Purpose Sawing Machine S-185HD[:]

Round 185 mm Rectangular 200 x 150H mm 45°R / 60ºR 


PS-125M General purpose sawing machine

[eng:]DoALL General Purpose Sawing Machine PS-125M[:]

Round 125 mm Rectangular 130 x 125H mm 45°R / 60ºR


PS-150M General purpose sawing machine

[eng:]DoALL General Purpose Sawing Machine PS-150M[:]

Round 150 mm Rectangular 150 x 140H mm 45°R / 60ºR 


MQL lubrication systems

There are two kinds of standard MQL lubrication systems: the Microlubricator 27 mm en de Microlubricator 41 mm. But we have special systems as well for a variety of applications.                                                   … Continue reading


General purpose

[:nl]DoALL Metaalbewerkingsvloeistoffen voor algemene en slijptoepassingen[:en]DoALL welding blade[:]

These coolants are designed for general machining and grinding operations and offer excellent protection for operator and environment. The demands on water-miscible metal working coolants are changing continuously because of production, environmental and operator safety requirements. DoALL’s semi-synthetic fluids optimize the benefits of synthetics and soluble oils in one fluid. These fluids contain mineral oil… Continue reading


Sandvik tools

[:nl]Logo Sandvik snijgereedschap [:en]Logo Sandvik cutting tools

The Sandvik Coromant insert program contains a wide assortment of designs and grades for all types of turning operations in different workpiece materials. We also have unique cutters for milling of various materials and use in mixed production. Regardless of hole style – we provide a wide range of high performance drilling products for high… Continue reading



[:nl]DoALL koel- en snijvloeistoffen [:en]DoALL welding blade[:]

These fluids are specially designed for grinding and offer the highest level of cooling, best workplace visibility, and are formulated to minimize operator sensitivity. These fluids are low foaming which is ideal in high-pressure coolant systems and also offer good detergent properties for maintaining free cutting grinding wheels. These synthetic fluids offer a long sump… Continue reading



[:nl]DoALL Minimaal smeerolie [:en]DoALL welding blade[:]

MQL or Minimal lubrication oils are formulated for use in applications were flood coolants are prohibited or not desired. These oils are used with a pneumatic applicator unit and produce “dry” chips because the oil is consumed totally in the cutting operation. These oils are ideal for most cutting, sawing, turning, tapping, drilling and milling… Continue reading


Cutting oils

[:nl]DoALL snijolie [:en]DoALL welding blade[:]

Cutting oils are blends of premium base oils and provide the highest degree of lubrication, longest tool life, and best surface finish of all metal working fluids. These oils provide long fluid life and have no rust issues associated with their use. Plus, these oils do not require dilution, have low to mild odour, and… Continue reading