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[eng:]DoALL Vertical Sawing Machine 2013-V3[:]

2013-V2 & 2013-V3 Vertical contour saw

  • Variator drive
  • Max work height 330 mm
  • Max width to column 508 mm

These vertical machines are one of the most versitale machines available! Vertical contour saws for cutting aluminium, brass, copper, mild steels, tough tool steels, stainless steels and sheet metal as well as cut plastics and fibrous materials. Plus, they are available with a wide variety of attachements that permit contour cutting, disc cutting and more.

The 2013-V2  is the same machine main structure and capacity and equipment as the 2013-V3. The only difference is the power of the motor:
• 2013-V2 : 1,5kW/2HP
• 2013-V3 : 2,2kW/3HP

Standard equipment

  • One set of high-speed, insert type guide-blocks for bands 3 through 13 mm
  • One set of steel guide inserts for bands, 6, 10 and 13 mm
  • Band speed indicator
  • Removable chip pan
  • Band tension indicator
  • Chip blower (requires plant air)
  • Post elevating handwheel
  • Variable speed AC drive (control speeds, soft start and dynamic brake functions)
  • Band door interlocks
  • Dual range transmission
  • Transmission oil
  • One Bi-Metal band saw blade
  • Instruction and parts manual


Click here to view the brochure in pdf!

Max work height 330 mm
Max width to column 508 mm
Speed range low 10 – 100 m/min.
Speed range high 170 – 1.675 m/min.
Band drive motor 1,5 kW (2013-V2) 2,2 kW (2013-V3)
Dimensions 895L x 1.399B x 2.065H mm
Weight 570 kg

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