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[:nl]DoALL Lintzaagmachine C-5650NC[:]

C-5650NC Band sawing machine

  • Max round 500 mm
  • Max rectangular 610×560 mm
  • Max bundles 480x260mm

The DoALL NC-Line is a line of machines designed and built for general purpose sawing operations both in manual or automatic mode. For ease of use these machines are already equipped with a standard 2 meters roller table, chip conveyor, variable vice pressure control, double retracting index vice, worklight and toolbox.


  • PLC control for all electric and hydraulic functions. Color touch screen control panel with alarm messages
  • Infinitely variable band speed controlled by inverter
  • Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and band break switch
  • Shuttle type automatic feed and sliding work table with roller
  • Hydraulic band tension
  • Two-step stroke vices
  • Split front vice
  • Double retracting index vice
  • Workheight sensor and rapid approach
  • Carbide inserts with roller bearings
  • Nesting fixture and vertical rollers for bundle cutting
  • Length setting: magnetic scale
  • 20 jobs presetting
  • Automatic chip conveyor
  • Power driven band brush
  • Flushing hose for machine cleaning
  • Worklight
  • One roller conveyor of 2 meters

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C-5650NC_Detail 2 Machine openC-5650NC_Detail 3 Hydraulic band tensionC-5650NC_Detail 4 Chip brushC-5650NC_Detail 5 Blade guideC-5650NC_Detail 6 Anti vibration deviceC-5650NC_Detail 7 Chip conveyorC-5650NC_Detail 8 Coolant systemC-5650NC_Detail 9 Roller conveyors

Max round 500 mm    
Min round 10 mm    
Max rectangular 560 x 500 mm    
Max bundles 480 x 260 mm    
Min bundles 240 x 80 mm    
Band drive motor 5,5 kW    
Index length single/multi 500/4.500 mm    
Dimensions 2.260L x 2.630W x 1.820H mm    
Weight 3.100 kg    

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