[:eng]DoALL General Purpose Sawing Machines DS-300SA[:]

DS-300SA General purpose sawing machine

  • Round 310 mm
  • Rectangular 350 x 300H mm
  • 45°R / 60ºR / 45°L


Standard equipment

  • Ergonomic saw control.
  • Inverter drive.
  • Saw guides, solid carbide inserts for accurate cuts.
  • Hydraulic head feed control.
  • Driven blade brush.
  • Saw blade guard for operator safety.

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 Max 0° round mm  310
Max 0° rectangular mm   350 x 300
 Max 45°R round mm  310
Max 45°R rectangular mm  330 x 300
Max 60°R round mm  200
Max 60°R rectangular mm  200 x 200
Max 45°L round mm  270
Max 45°R rectangular mm 255 x 200
Band saw blade mm 3.820 x 27 x 0,9
Band speed m/min 25 – 85 
Band motor kW 1,5
Band tension Manual with gauge
Feed controle Hydraulic
Vice Manual, hydraulic
Dimensions mm 2.180 L x 1.185 W x 2.140 H
Weight kg 780

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