[:nl]DoALL Friction koolstof lintzaag [:en]Picture of a DoALL Tungsten grit band saw blade[:]

Friction band saws

Ferrous metals of any hardness up to 25 mm thick


  • Silicon-enhanced carbon steel
  • Special wide set
  • Hardened tooth tips


  • Slower set wear and longer fatique life


  • Friction sawing of ferrous metals with any hardness up to 25 mm thick at speeds exceeding 1.500 m/min.





Metric Friction
Width Gauge 8 10
13 0,8 310-037
20 0,9 310-094
25 0,9 310-134 310-136
32 0,9 310-359*
* = Available in 91,4 m or 152,4 m coils

Final coil lengths may vary

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