[:nl]Afbeelding van de DS-500SA universele zaagmachine [:en]Picture of the DS-500SA general purpose sawing machine

DS-500SA General purpose sawing machine

  • Round 360 mm
  • Rectangular 500x 340H mm
  • 45°R / 60°R / 45°L / 60°L

The DoALL DS-500SA band saw machine is designed for use in medium and large workshops. The machine is complete and capable of cutting angles up to 60º left and right 60º. Inverter driven band speed make it possible to cut a wide range of materials. Material is clamped with hydraulic vise. Standard band brush and carbide band guide inserts.

Standard equipment

  • Saw control
  • Inverter drive
  • Saw guides, solid carbide inserts for accurate cuts
  • Hydraulic head feed control
  • Driven blade brush       
  • Saw blade guard for operator safety
  • Flood coolant
  • Digital read out of cutting angle
  • Band break safety switch
  • Instruction and Parts Manual


Click here to open the brochure in pdf



Max 0° round 360 mm
Max 0° rectangular 500 x 340H mm
Max 0° bundles 500 x 220H** mm
Max 45°R round 360 mm
Max 45°R rectangular 440 x 220H mm
Max 60°R round 300 mm
Max 60°R rectangular 310x 220H mm
Max 45°L round 360 mm
Max 45°L rectangular 430 x 220H mm
Max 60°L round 300 mm
Max 60°L rectangular 300 x 220H mm
Band speed 20 – 100 m/min.
Band drive motor 3 kW
Dimensions 2.800L x 1.080W x 1.470H mm
Weight 740 kg
** Requires optional equipment

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